Terms and Conditions

1. You need to be in good physical health. Please inform us of any medical issues or allergies. If your health is questionable, then you should consult your doctor. If you are over 70 years old, then you will need to present us with a current good health medical certificate.

2. In order to receive a student discount, you must send your valid University ID to Discover Satori at time of booking. ID must have your name, photo and a valid expiration date. Any card without an expiration date will not be accepted. You will then be required to bring your student card with you on the trek – they will not allow you to pass through the checkpoint without this original card.

3. PERMITS: Permits for the Inca Trail or any trek connected to Machu Picchu are in your name and cannot be transferred to anyone else under any circumstances. Change of dates is also not possible once a permit has been purchased. Permits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit will be forfeited. Please note that this is a regulation of the Peruvian government and not Discover Satori (or any agency).

4. You will be required to show the original passport (not a copy) that you booked with, at the checkpoint to enter the Inca Trail or do any treks. If you originally booked with an old passport and then renewed your passport, you must also bring your expired passport along with your new, valid passport to permit entry or they will refuse your entrance to the trail.

5. If you get sick on the trail and are unable to continue, your guide or porter will accompany you back to an area with emergency assistance capabilities. If you are unable to complete the tour due to illness, we will assist you in meeting your group at Machu Picchu to re-establish your tour at that point. You will need to cover these extra expenses such as: Meal, accommodation, entrance fee and so on and there will be no refund of the original payment. However, if you get injured or suffer any accident along the trek Discover Satori will support you with a hike insurance that will be included in your trek. We also will prepare a document to certify illness which can be presented for your travel insurance.

6. Discover Satori does not take responsibility for additional costs incurred due to unfavorable weather conditions, natural catastrophe, strikes, illness, loss of personal items or properties, etc. It is the client’s responsibility to carry insurance to cover these types of events. However Discover Satori will take all reasonable care in providing to our clients avoidance of accident, illness, and loss of personal property, and will only employ suitably qualified staff. We accept responsibility for the actions of our own employees. Discover Satori cannot, however, be responsible for any action of third parties.

7. In extreme cases when the “Inca Trail or any trek to Machu Picchu” is declared closed for safety reasons, Discover Satori will replace your trek with an alternative trek.

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