Based in Cusco, Peru, Discover Satori is a specialty tourism company focusing on trekking and local tourism in the surrounding region.  Our team of travel guides and advisors are professionals with over (cumulative total 20 of years in industry) years of experience in all fields related to travel, including but not limited to: all major trekking and travel routes, off-beaten local paths, as well as certified health and physical therapy training. As a family operated company that employs all native Peruvians, we are embracing our passion for our rich culture and heritage and are committed to sharing our insights with the world.  Our seasoned crew members have traveled tens-of-thousands of miles and completed thousands of trips for tourists who come from all over the world.

Discover Satori

Whether you are retired, a student or an experienced trekker looking to get away for a once in a lifetime experience, you’ve come to the right place to Discover Satori- the Incan way. Not a trekker? Have no concern as there are more than 100 ways to approach the Inca Trail and other important landmarks. Discover Satori is able to tailor every itinerary to best accommodate your desires and experiences. Whether your desires lay from the Andes Mountains into Machu Picchu, the Nazca Line, Colca Canyons, the Amazon Rainforests or more, we are sure that there is a tour, hike, or trek that we can design for you. Inquire about how we can make your journey a unique experience of a lifetime.

Discover Satori is operated and owned by the Cusi family (“the Happy Falcons”). They’ve been working together towards owning an independent company since 2014. An international tourist who fell in love with the off-beaten pathsand the warmth of the Cusi family took his multiple trips back to the Andes with the Cusi brothers, and these trips helped change the hopes of a family-run tourism company into a reality.
The Cusi family has abundant experience in all aspects of the Peruvian tourism industry.
Their father, Angel Cusi, worked his whole life beforeretiring without pension or savings at 67. Among the ten siblings, most of them work in the tourism industry as trekkers, tour guides, porters, cooks and accountants.
While many of them labored intensely for years, the tourism industry in Peru had been designed to exploit the hard labors of the native people, making it nearly impossible for them to make or save enough money to own and operate independently. It is the family’s hope to create a new model for tourism in Peru, one that values and helps their employees in a sustainable way.
The Cusi family works hard to appreciate their unique opportunity and is whole-heartedly committed to our mission for fair tourism and business ethics.
Discover Satori not only employs native Peruvians and locals, but also supports local businesses and contributes to cultural nonprofit organizations from our sales. Join us on tour and become part of the Discover Satori mission!

Discover Satori strives to enlighten the spirits of our treasured guests through our rich and deep cultural heritage of the Incas in and around the Peruvian region. We are committed to promoting fair-trade tourism, employing responsible safety practices for all aspects of our operation and with great vigilance take care to preserving our regional environment and resources. Discover Satori works to support local Peruvian businesses and contribute to cultural nonprofit organizations across the world.

Despite all the troubles in one’s life, if one has the will to search for it- the world is a beautiful place and enlightening to the soul. “Governors should mind two things with great attention: first, they and their subjects should observe and fulfill the emperor’s laws perfectly; second, they should consider with great vigilance and care the common and particular resources of their province.” Pachacutec, Incan Emperor, spoke


When we onboarding our newly hired workers to the workplace and familiarizes them with some of the Discover Satori’s reciprocity practices. In addition to helping new collaborators understand our company’s operating procedures, a thoughtful and well-designed orientation program also serves to set expectations and can help new staff be more helpful and productive team members at any other special skills necessary to perform his or her job focused in our hikers.

Discover satori gives locals and visitors the opportunity to overcome and change their lives:
  • From inca trail working to trail walking.
  • From porters to talented chefs.
  • From cheffs to inca trail's tour guides. .
  • From tour guides to brokers.
  • From a regular traveler to Satori Blazer
  • leave concrete jungles out to an enlightened life through nature.

While Discover Satori is a newer company, our family and employees have worked for many of the other major tour companies in Peru. Our countless clients who have traveled with us can testify to our experience, knowledge and imagination to create a unique adventure for each traveler. Each member of our team is dedicated to making your tour in Peru an unforgettable experience. Our guides know that your time is precious and would be a shame to waste; it is a moment to disconnect from monotonous life, and your work-break allows you to revitalize the energies to see a different life and possibly even to rediscover yourself. Our team is diverse with porters, cooks, mountain guides, city guides, athletic runners, and health and massage certified specialists. We love good food. We love beauty. We love our country, the Andes, the jungle and our culture and we know it well. We care about your choice and experience. With Discover Satori you can choose to travel in groups or release your free spirit with private trips. We can guide you through long challenging trails, or we can show you the less difficult paths (there is no easy way in the mountains, every trek requires careful preparation). Your adventure can utilize short roads, jungle paths and more, and you can choose between camping, glamping, sleeping close to Incan ruins or enjoying the best refuges in the forest. Peru is a megadiverse country and at times it can feel overwhelming to choose! Let us help! It’s what we live for!

1.- Cusco Base for your convenience

We own our operational base in Cusco, the gateway to Machu Picchu. This ensures we can provide great value, comfort and security. You are welcome to store your belongings and make a final WiFi check-in at our base.

2.-Expert team to assist you every day

Our travel professionals and local experts do all the logistic and operational hard work. We also optimize your time and investment, reducing unnecessary costs, so you get the most of your time off. We will advise you with the most updated and precise information of the new, old, must-see and off-the-beaten track tips. All our team are well-trained and professional. They have all been recruited for their extensive field experience.

3.- Fair salary for local people

Because of our unique employee-owned model, you can rest assured that the money you invest in this tour will go directly to the people who will work with you on the hikes and tours. At Discover Satori we distribute profits equitably amongst our members.

Personalized Itineraries.

Discover Satori has handpicked the world’s top local specialists so you will have peace of mind and an unforgettable trip that meets your exact requirements.

Guaranteed departures - you won’t miss your holiday!

All our tours are guaranteed to depart with small group sizes, even with 2 people we do tours, so you never have to worry about your tour being cancelled at the last minute.

Support the local economy.

On top of that, the vast majority of your money will go straight to support and grow local economies. 

Becoming an expert tour guide does not happens overnight, and a huge upside to operating tours year-round at Machu Picchu is that some of Cusi brothers are able to make a full-time career in guiding tourists. Many of veteran porters and chefs have worked with the Cusi brothers for years, and together, they have honed their knowledge and experience together in the Peruvian mountains.
Freddy is a native tour guide who was born in the heart of a big Quechuan family, as he is one of ten children.
As an aborigine, he knows extensively all the regions of Peru such as: The Coast, Andes, and the Amazon where he has had the opportunity to meet locals in the most remote places. Through these connections, he has learned deeply about Inca culture, and he has also developed his linguistic skills to be able to speak to all the local communities in their own languages. He has passionately dedicated his time to spread the Quechua culture with foreign clients.
In 2003 he earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism from the University of Cusco and a master’s degree in environmental education. Fredy has traveled to other countries to participate in foreign exchange programs to broaden his professional development and educate on Andean – Mesoamerican cultured experiences.
In 2009, Fredy joined trek companies as a distinguished, hard-working guide, committed to help hikers’ accomplish their Peruvian bucket-lists. He has successfully completed over 700 Inca Trail excursions so far. Fredy’s experience in guiding has encouraged him to put himself in visitor’s shoes to experiment the same emotions, necessities, and concerns of traveling to a foreign country be able to fully capture this view from a tourist’s perspective. To further his expertise in trekking tourism, Fredy has traveled to the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Salvador, Brazil, and Bolivia

Director / Cofundador:
Freddy Cusi-Huaman



Jaime is a native tour guide and coordinator, born in the heart of a big Quechuan family, and he is one of ten children of Cusi family. Graduated with a degree in Tourism from Cusco University. Active member of the Association/School of Graduates in Tourism of Peru with an emphasis in travel and tourism, catering and hotel management, tourism planning and projects. Experience in guiding and leading groups, customer care. Extensive knowledge of tourist circuits in all the region and other gained experiences related to tourism. He is a mountain man, a proactive professional person, with initiative, bold, with good handling of interpersonal skills, solid moral principles and a high degree of responsibility.


Jhon is a professional international runner who was born in a remote village in Cusco. He studied tourism at Arequipa University gaining a lot of experience in that profession. He expanded his pursuit of a career in running. Nowadays, he is a passionate runner and an expert in coordinating running tours in Peru and South America.


Economist, Master of the National University of San Antonio Abad of Cusco-Peru, with specialised experience in the formulation and evaluation of Public & Business Management. She is a very proactive professional, with availability and identification with work, with good handling of interpersonal skills, ethical commitment, willingness to work in teams and a high degree of responsibility.


CusiQoyllor was born and raised in the cosmopolitan city of Cusco, Peru. She received a double degree in Hotel Management and tourism planning from the University of Cusco. She travelled throughout Peru, Brazil and United Stated in order to experience and help other travelers create memorable trips.


She was born in Huancavelica, Peru. She has been a sportswoman of high level at Peruvian athletics for many years. She also received a degree in Massage Therapy. Nowadays, she is a professional expert masseuse for sportspeople and hikers.


Mauricio was born and grown up in Cusco’s well-known artisan quarter of San Blas, just 15 minutes away from the Incan site of Sacsayhuaman, where he played as a child. He has worked in the tourism industry for 5 years, and 8 years as a Machu Picchu specialist guide. Mauricio feels fortunate to work around one of the seven New Wonders of the World and to meet new and interesting people every day with whom he can learn from and share knowledge.


She was born in the cosmopolitan Cusco city. She studied environmental engineering in Puerto Maldonado, Peru. She later worked in Ecotourism for several years in National Park of Manu, then she became an environmentalist and protector of nature. After she has lived for 5 years in jungle city (Maldonado), she moved to Cusco and now she is passionate about travel, logistic coordination, customer service and music.


Our Executive Chef, Andres, one of the most popular member of the Discover Satori family. He keeps us well fed! Andres grew up in the high Andean mountain of Cusco. He studied Peruvian cuisine at technical school in Cusco city. He is looking forward to visit gastronomic destinations in South America and hopes to teach them his top secret recipe for visitor around the world.

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